Race Car Experience

Full Motion Racing Simulator

Roelandt Racing Systems

Got that itch to do something daring, something to get the pulse running hard? You want to drive at high speeds? Can you out drive the best?

The 2019 Green Country RV Show can put you behind the wheel of an authentic race car and let you see what it’s like to go bumper to bumper at 190 mph.

Experience the thrill of a race car with our simulator! This Top End Racing simulator is an actual race car that has been specially modified for a computer simulation, so the driver has all of the excitement of racing in an actual race car. This is the race car the pro’s train in!

•The car reacts to the drivers’ action.
•Turn the steering wheel to follow the track.
•Brake and you will slow down.
•Step on the gas and you accelerate
•Steering has full force feed back along with seat vibration
•Monitors are set up outside for viewing equipped with screen on screen displaying for both driver and spectator